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The biggest complaint from Lyn with the mustang seat was the lack of a grab strap to hang onto. Unlike the stock Classic LT seat, there is no option for the mustang.

I have looked at various options to make her feel comfortable as the mustang raises her into the wind and elements, giving her a insecure feeling.

Today i removed the grab strap off my old stock seat and started fiddling around with it to see what i could come up with.

There are 2 options ...

Option 1. You can fasten the said strap to the Mustang in the same way that it was installed on the stock seat. The problem with this install is that the strap is a little small, excessively tight, bunches the foam up and is difficult to get your hand under while seated.

Option 2. Remove the stock saddlebags leaving the bolts exposed. Put both ends of the strap thru the bolts on either side of the bike after putting a good size washer between the bag bracket and the strap. Put a washer on next before replacing the bags. Tighten it all up. The strap should be loose enough for 2 hands to be placed thru it while seated with out looking like it will just flop around.

The 2 installed washers should pinch the strap tight enough so that pressure wont tear the strap.

To remove your seat, you will have to remove 1 bag and release 1 end of the strap.

We have not tried it out riding yet, however Lyn did sit on the bike and try it out.

Cost .... ZIP .... I had the 2 washers laying around. Not the perfect fix, but it is an option.

cheers Maurice
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