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I am in search of a muffler stay for my 2007 VN2000LT. Purchased it a few weeks ago with Muzzy exhaust installed, no baffles, and factory exhaust included, but no mounting hardware. Went to swap the pipes over the other day and realized that I lack the muffler stay that holds the upper muffler to the frame (Kawasaki PN 35063A). I ordered that part along with the nuts, bolts, grommets, etc. to put my pipes on, and just got an email from babbitts that the muffler stay is indefinitely back-ordered.... It looks to be the same story from everywhere.

The bike is prohibitively loud with the straight pipes on it, and runs quite poorly (constant backfiring/popping when off throttle). Does anybody have any clue where I could source one, new or used? Anyone have one they're not using?

The bracket on my bike is flat with a kink in it, with three bolt holes to the frame and four bolt holes in a square pattern that are on the same plane to bolt in the Muzzy pipes. I assume that it came with the Muzzy? The part I'm looking for has three bolt holes to the frame and then two large holes 90 degrees up that the dampers for the factory pipe would go in.

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