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I splurged and purchased this beautiful too box: https://www.vikingbags.com/viking-premium-leather-wrapped-hard-trunk?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyAQQHkphZ2_AZlFYLeQm-jD63WHa-m4rjcxrLhw6gX_d7M9-23F0M5IaAgkKEALw_wcB

But... I can't find a freaking luggage rack that will mount to my 2011 900 Classic LT. They all require the oem sissy bar OR have a 5 lb capacity.

I want something that's quality, the top box is heavy on its own, plus my wife will lean against it as a backrest, plus we'll put clothes in it for overnight trips.

Did I make a mistake buying this or can someone help me out? I've been searching ebay for a week... Might have found that's 1/8 inch too wide, I bet I can heat the metal and bend it... But I figure something has to be made to do this. Help!
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