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Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a moto-junkie. I didn't start riding until I was 35yrs old but just knew that I would get hooked on it and a bike was in my future. Now 10yrs later I know I was right. I got on the bike today (70 degrees here in Richmond, VA) and just rode for about 40min.

I know it lowered my BP, even though it was short ride. A few friends of mine won't ride unless they can get on the road for hours. Any saddle time I can get, I'll take.

It's going to get cold again in the next day or two so she'll be put back in the garage sipping on her charger.

Spring can't get here soon enough.
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I have a friend like that. Unless it's a straight 3-4 hour ride there and 3-4 hour back then don't ride.
I work a little part time at the local ski resort here in western VA and I rode to work and back today...only about fifteen miles each way but it's great to get in any ride this time of year.
Had mine out Yesterday. 45 degrees for 45 minutes. Got My junkie fix.
Bet You know the places.

Great riding in Your parts.
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