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Extra Storage that is Quick removeable Panniers SW Motech Blaze Panniers

I like anything that Transforms one bike into three different bikes.

That's why I like the following items as they transform or quick disconnect from the bike using No Tools

I like the Memphis Slim windshields as they have quick disconnects to go from Naked to windshield in less than 30 seconds, No Tools.
and Back to Naked in less than 30 seconds, probably more like 10 seconds.

So you can remove or install a windshield in less than 1/2 a minute using No tools.

You want Extra Storage on your bike, you want to go for a couple day ride, why not put on the panniers, In only a couple of minutes, you can go from Naked to Lots of storage, and back to naked again in only a couple of minutes.

That is really nice to be able to transform your bike into something totally different, very fast and that allows you to do so much more.

Watch this video it shows how they go on and come off.
Nice thing about them, is if you have two bikes that need them just buy a extra pair of bike bracket mounts one for each bike, and then transfer the panniers and bracket rods between the two bikes.

skip to 1.35 on video to see how they come off and go back on


Also for Extra storage saddle bags or Panniers,
Sw Motech have a great system the Blaze Panniers, that has quick disconnects that go from panniers on, to panniers off, very fast.

and the bike goes from naked to storage very fast, and it is hardly detectable that you had any panniers on the bike
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