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I lowered my Grasshopper backrest about 7/8 inch without cutting or welding steel.
1) Remove the staples on the bottom side with an awl & needle nose pliers. There are a dozen or so.
2) Slide the vinyl cover off
3) Using a flat wide putty knife, slide down between the wooden backrest and foam. The foam will release from the wood without tearing. The foam comes off in one piece if you handle it gently.
4) Remove the two bolts that attach the backrest board to the steel bracket.
5) Remove the flush mounted nuts from the other side with a flat head screwdriver. Be sure that the sharp edge of the three nuts is perpendicular to the face of the nuts as you will need to tap them into the wood later.
6) Lay the black steel bracket on the back of the wooden backrest, but slide it 7/8" further. Mark the two new holes you need to drill into the wood.
7) Now reassemble the bolts to nuts. You can tap lightly on the nuts to penetrate them into the wood.
8) note; you won't need to drill the wooden holes as large as the steel bracket holes. The bolts are narrower than the steel bracket holes.
9) After sliding the wooden backrest back into the foam, I applied a small tube of superglue to the foam. Just pull back the foam a bit and liberally apply the superglue.
9) I reused all of the original staples. Just hold with one hand and tap them back in with a hammer.

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Agree with Piper, very cool modification. Thanks for sharing it and thanks for the pics.
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