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Here are my saddlebag setup.
I used Route 66 throw over bags and mounted them on a set of Ez-brackets.
I positioned the brackets directly under the attached throw over flap then I unpicked the flaps as I dont need them anymore.

I also cut some 3mm mdf board and placed that on the inside of the bag. There is a liner in there that you can put the board into and then cover it.
This stiffened the side of the bag

I also stiffened the bottom and the top flap of the bag with some Suntuf 600 x 1200 x 3mm Clear PVC Handisheet. This stuff is stiff enough to help keep the shape of the bag and is flexible enough so you can just pull the top cover and it will unzip.

This setup is great for going away with as the bags come off and go into the hotel room with me and all I am left with on the bike is two small studs poking out of the fender also the bags are expanable.

I have also brought myself a set Finmoto 512 Saddlebags and mounting kit, they only arrived yesterday so i will attach them over the long weekend

Finmoto is the place where i purchased most of my stuff and some of the pics are from his site so these pic belong to him.
Finn Moto Motorcycle Apparel & Accessories

By the way for us aussies here, matthew is the guys name and he is great to deal with. Cant recommend him high enough.


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