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Mixing Tires

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Bought my bike used and it currently has the following tire set up:

Front- Pirelli Route 66 - 80/90/21
Rear- Bridgestone Exedra G702 180/70/15

Both tires are in good shape and less than 7 years old. Any concerns running mismatched tires? Should I just run this combo until I need new tires?
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Unless you feel any strange handling not related to something else, would not worry about it. You didnt say what bike its on. that Exedra is the stock rear on my Voyager and had to replace at about 6500 miles.
I ran mismatched tires on my previous bike for 5 of the 7 years I rode it. I did not feel any problems with it.
Ok. Thanks. It's on a 900 Custom. Tires are both in good shape, but I don't know if they are radial, biased etc...I've heard you're not supposed to mix the two. I'm getting the wheels powdercoated so it would be a prime time to match the tires up if need be.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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