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okay I am new to this forum stuff so forgive me if Im starting a new thread on an old problem.

I have a 2003 Vulcan 1500FI Nomad that I was given. A great bike that once I had the timing all set it ran real great.
So recently it started running a little off. It would just die unexplainably once it was hot and would missfire a little, and had start problems. Would start again after a short while. It got a little worse, so I pulled the tank, check it all and put back together. It was all great again for a while.
A few weeks later, would backfire a little and miss a little on rear cylinder. Again pulled tank, checked over and we were all good again.
It was good again for a few more weeks, then recently started real serious backfire/miss issues. could only get to about 35mph with serious backfiring. Again got it good for a couple of weeks and the the eve of bike week Again!

This time I started a thorough investigation of all wiring, as forum reading indicated electrical problem.
Replaced coils, replaced plugs, fixed multiple wire breaks, check pump-seemed to have good pressure flow.
the problem is now everytime ive fixed things it has gone from running, to running rough, to now wont start.
I got it running again, but now it was the front cylinder not rear playing up. And plugs would always carbon up bad.
I could fix this, but have no idea of where to start now and various feeds have kinda helped but also not helped??
Prior to now it seemed to have good spark and is getting gas in chambers as plugs are real wet after trying to start.

Help please!!
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