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I have a set of four shoulder/elbow pads that I took out of a textile riding jacket before I trashed the jacket. The jacket was old and faded so I bought a new jacket, but took the pads out of the old jacket. The pads are in perfect condition if anyone wants them. Just pay shipping from 75025.

I also have four round O-rings that are free to whoever wants them. The plastic rappers have part numbers on them, but I don't' think they are Kawasaki part numbers. I used to do most of the work on my old 1500 Nomad
and may have bought these O-rings from another source to save a few $$. My best guess is that I bought them when changing the oil in the forks on the Nomad. I don't guarantee that they'll fit.

Here's the sizes printed on the wrappers:

1-3/8X1-1/2X1/16, #73 o-ring, I have two
1-5/16X1-7/16X1/?, #70 o-ring, I have one
31/32X1 3/32X 1/1, #52, I have one.

I'll put the o-rings in an envelope and mail them to anyone in the U.S. The cost of the stamp is on me.


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