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Sportbike Track Gear has teamed up with Sportbike Tire Service and Sportbike Track Time to give our customers the most reliable and accurate information possible about Michelin Tires. The Michelin Sportbike Tire family consists of Pilot Road 2's, Pilot Powers, Pilot Power 2ct's, Power Pures, and Power One 2ct's.

We are going to give you a run down of what each tire is used for and give as much information for each tire as possible.

If you have any questions or need to order a set of Michelin's please call Jason at 888-784-4327 ext 210 or by e-mail [email protected]

You can view the complete video here.

The first tire that we are going to talk about is the Michelin Pilot Road 2's.

The Pilot Road 2's are a great street tire. It is a dual compound tire, great in the wet and damp conditions. This tire is made for longevity; it is for a commuting guy riding in any conditions.

The next tire is the Michelin Pilot Power.

The Pilot Power is used for street and track day duty. This is a single compound tire. Michelin recommends using the bike's recommended tire pressure but in aggressive use we recommend you drop a few PSI for some added grip. This tire has worked very well for the mainly street guy that does a few trackdays a year as well. This is an entry level Novice track rider tire.

The next tire is the Michelin Pilot Power 2ct's.

The Pilot Power 2ct is a dual compound tire. The 2ct is using the Pilot Power center of the tire, and it is using a softer compound on the outside. This is a higher performance tire than the Pilot Power. It is an aggressive sportbike tire, this is great for riding canyon's and trackdays. We see Novice riders and Intermediate riders using this tire. If you're doing hard riding we would recommend dropping the tire pressures; on the track we recommend running 31psi COLD front and 30pis COLD rear. It allows the tire to grip more and heat up faster.

The next tire in the line up is the Michelin Power Pure's.

The Power Pure amps up the performance in the Michelin line up. The Pure is using the 2ct technology. The Pure takes 2lbs out of the weight of the tire. It allows a motorcycle to turn in quicker and accelerate faster as well. The Pure works very well for the street and trackday riders. This is set up for canyon riding more than commuting. This tire has a great tread pattern to allow you to ride in the wet. On the track we recommend running 32psi COLD in the front and and 30psi COLD in the rear. The Power Pure heats up very quick, more so than the Pilot Power and the Pilot Power 2ct for track riding. This tire is great for an intermediate track rider, and an entry level advanced rider.

Next up is the Michelin Power One 2ct commercial tire.

Please don't get these tires confused with the Michelin Power One competition tires. These are a different version of the tires. The Power One is a great tire for intermediate and advanced riders. This tire heats up very fast and tire warmers are NOT needed. Many fast canyon riders use this tire as well, it isn't recommend for rain use at all; and we don't recommend this for street use. The tire pressures we recommend for track use are 31psi COLD in the front and 28psi COLD in the rear.

All of the information gathered and explained here is to share the information we have obtained by riding these tires. The main goal is to get you into the correct tire for the application and get you the most for your money when spending money on new rubber. Tire pressures are the most important part of making a tire work the best and last the longest. We recommend getting a nice tire pressure gauge and making this part of your riding checklist.
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