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My apologies for not posting regularly but its been kinda busy here parenting my 6yr old Grandson.

My 2014 Custom Vulcan at last achieved 1800km (time for the second service) after two 450-500km runs around Northern Thailand. It is a really nice cruiser and was able to out distance a newish Ninja 650cc riding with me. For anyone who's interested I got the speedo up to 170kph and the Ninja was lost in the distance in my mirror. A little bit more speed available and I reckon it will do around 180.

I was searching for an Alarm and finally settled on a Scorpio, and this was installed Monday this week. I like the chirpy chirpy when its armed, and also when someone stands next to the bike and the alarm is armed.

This coming Sunday (28th) I will be joining a ride with some 30 other expats and I am looking forward to it.

Anyway, its my Grandsons bed time and time for me to go tell him stories.

Cheers and hope you all enjoy your Vulcans as much as I am.

Have fun and safe riding

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