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Mean Streak GroPro Fork Mount Review

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I'm sure there are other GoPro Meanie riders here and wanted to share. I picked a GoPro over the holidays and was looking for different mounts and came across HogTag Collars on a Harley message board. I reached out to them as I didn't see a size for our forks and Mark quickly responded asking me to measure the fork with a string and let him know the number. Long story short, he had a custom sized band made for me and didn't charge me any additional, the mount was $28.49 and $1.99 shipping. I got the mount today and installed it in no time.

Here it is when you receive it: There is hole in the mount to attach a tether - I recommend tethering anytime the camera is going to be in motion.

I gave it a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol and attached a Flat Mount (it was not included in the mount kit).

Installed the mount on the left fork for a trial run but should be fine on either.

I am impressed with quality of the build and it seems like a very robust mount. If you want a mount like this, reach out to HogTag Collars and tell Mark you need one for the Mean Streak - he'll treat you right. Home

I was not compensated for this at all but it is hard to find parts and accessories for our bikes these day - so there ya go.
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very nice, i too have a gopro and never thought of this, thanks for sharing.
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