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Hello to everyone;

Well here it is 02/22/2010 and rain has been coming down slowly but surely. She hums, she runs, she likes the cold. Rain riding isn't my forte, yet she didn't mind. So off we went up the hills down the hills and around the corners of hell and back. If the 600 ever road, they didn't ride pass me. I was humming and slumming like a dog. Small little roads in the hills of L.A., road one lonely VN750 with the heart of lioness. When I hit some loose dirt, it wasn't me who said don't worry I won't let you fall, it was she, all seven hundred and fifty mean fearing CC's of VN750 telling "ME" don't worry I won't let YOU fall. She didn't fail. I took a slow turning left a little to fast and the rear wheel slide out, but she held me up and regained her grip on the road again. I didn't even have a chance to get off the throttle.
That's it for today. Back home to the warmth of her stable. A quick dry off. A belly rum on her tank (she likes that) and on the trickle charger she went. With the rains coming and going, I fine it best to keep her well feed.
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