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Hello all Vulcan S riders!
A little back ground information I'm 75yo and have been riding since 13yo. Everything from Whizzer motorbike, Goldwings, Sport bikes, Spyders (great machine just didn't move like a motorcycle), Harleys From Sportsters to Road Kings. Currently riding a Victory Vegas. The Vegas is nice just a little heavy and thinking about going smaller thus Vulcan S. I ride around town and around the country. When I was younger 700 to 1000 mile days were not unusual. I live in south Texas 10 miles from Mexico and 60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. last week we rode to San Antonio (for lunch) and back 250 miles each way. My question is will the S beat me to death on that kind of ride? I'm looking for something a little lighter.
ps: They talk about dropping a bike, I haven't dropped a bike since I was 40
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