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Max Weight on 900 LT?

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I just got a 2008 VN900 LT and saw in the operators manual that the max weight is 397 pounds. Most of my rides will be alone so that will normally not be a problem. The times it will be a problem is when my girlfriend wants to go with me. Together we will be roughly 450 pounds with gear. Will that extra 50 pounds still be safe or is there something I will need to do before hand? Thank you
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Get a lighter girlfriend? :D

On a more serious side, make sure you have your tires inflated and suspension adjusted for the extra weight.
Your rear shock has adjustments on it....you may want to be sure it is on one of the stiffer adjustments when riding 2 up. I do most of my riding solo so have it one click below the softest setting. I weigh about 225 with gear on. If you have it on the softest setting with 450 lbs. on board you will bottom out on bumps which is not comfortable for you or the passenger. Your shock adjustment tool is in your tool bag and it is easiest to adjust with the seat and left side cover off. To remove the side cover you need to remove the seat and 2 screws that are on top of the cover tabs in order for it to come off.
Me and the wife push 500, spring/shock is at the last notch and I run 44 psi in my Metzeler rear tire. We have no problems with bike handling a little sluggish if I need power but haven't put us in a situation yet that needed the power. Haven't had the tire bottom out either, you should be fine with adjusting the shock and checking the tire.

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The bike s 640 lbs ... me and mum ... 300 lbs, my trailer loaded, 300 lbs ... that's 1240 lbs rolling down the road ... the bike does just fine, gets good economy at 65 mph and pulls like a 16 year schoolboy.
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