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I just purchased a pair of MATAZU RS Hard saddle bags for my 900. Upon installing them, I connected the wiring. Much to my surprise, I couldn’t find a way to make both the run and brake lights operate. Searching other previous posts, I found I wasn’t alone. It seems to be a design “flaw” built into the LED board. Just like the others with the same concern, MATASU replied there is no problem, and that the lights are designed to operate EITHER run or brake lights, not both. I figured that the brake lights were more important than the run lights, so that’s how I wired them. That lasted 2 days. I couldn’t take the fact that these nice bags had to go unlit. Below, you’ll read how I got around the problem. $2.89 spent at radio shack and I’m ready to go.

Remove the light assembly from the bag by removing 3 screws on the inside.

lens 1.jpg

screw 2.jpg

Remove the single screw on the back and remove the lens.


I drilled a ½” hole in the corner of the light housing and popped in the lights, Reassemble and reinstall.


These are the pop in lights that I bought at radio shack for $2.89


There you have it. A low cost, easy fix that can be done in 15 minutes!

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I have the MU Mutazu bags with lights on both my bikes. I had them wired at the shop, runnung lights and turn signals. On my custom, i am in the process of adding clear lenses with LED red bulbs.

If they ever screw up, now i know how to fix em.
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