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Hi All,

I'm currently in the process of polishing the aluminum parts on the front end of my bike... The control boxes are first... Then I will be picking up a new Upper Triple Tree, then finally the Master Cylinder box... Then I will have them all re-anodized

However I know that other models of bikes have chrome Master cylinder and Upper Triple Tree covers and I am curious if the 800 has them as well... I have done a lot of searching online and haven't found much. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Edit: I Found a set of Forks from a "Vulcan Classic 1500E" on Ebay... they have a Chrome Triple Tree cover, however I have been unable to find one AT ALL... even when matching the year/make/model of the one listed in the ebay add... I've even looked at parts websites that list OEM parts... The add on Ebay is listed as "Vulcan 1500 front forks triple trees Complete 2000 Kawasaki Beautiful! No damage" If anyone wants to see the pics... It makes me question if its actually from a Vulcan or not, despite looking like they are.
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