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Main Harness Rubs Fork Lock

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I did a search and nothing came up on the topic. This bike only has 1,000 miles on it and already the tape on the main loom is starting to cut through. There doesn't seem to be a simple solution to prevent this as the loom needs a lot of room to move when steering lock-to-lock. Does the harness route above or below the lock? :confused:
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Have the handlebars been raised?
Or maybe some work was done and the wiring not put back right.
According to the Service Manual "Above"
Thanks for the info. I covered the harness with "split-loom" and took the throttle cables and switch wiring out of the metal retainer...giving the harness more room to move. The harness was actually getting kinked because it couldn't move. I attached the throttle cables and switch wiring to the outside of the retainer with a zip-lock.

On another note, the headlight housing was way off center...facing to the left. I had to remove the mounting assembly and align that all up.

In talking with a mechanic, he says that these sorts of assembly issues are very common with Kawasakis.
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