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Luggage Rack Recommendation

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Hi, Guys:

I only picked up my 2010 900 Classic LT a few weeks ago, just in time to store it for the winter, but one of the first things I'd like to put on it before the spring is a luggage rack.

I like the looks of the Cobra but if I read the notes correctly, you need to switch to one of their back rests/sissy bars to use it. I quite like the look of the stock, so prefer not to fix something that ain't broke. I have all sorts of ideas to waste money elsewhere.?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a rack that will work with the stock sissy bar (Canadian-based supplier would be the icing on the cake!)

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I have a 2011 Clasic LT. I went with the OEM rack payed a bit more.Cost was about 200 but it is squared tubed like the sissy bar a Custom fit and took about 15 minutes to install and it looks great. Very happy I went the way I did if I went another route I think I would have been disappointed. To me sometimes saving a couple of bucks just isn't worth it. Good luck and enjoy the ride
I also went with the OEM rack. It looks good and was pretty simple to install. It's a little pricey but by the time you replace the backrest it's pretty much a wash.
Thanks! Didn't realize they had a OEM...I'll take a look!

The OEM one

If you look around you can find used ones for cheaper than what Kawasaki wants. I was able to find a used OEM for about a 1/3 the cost of new.
Good advice - thanks! I'll do some digging!
Thanks, dabimf! I'll check my measurements and take a look.

I don't know if it fits with a stock backrest, but I have a Custom World backrest and luggage rack. I think it's quite a bit cheaper than OEM.
Thanks, Mate! (Got a step daughter who's an ER doc in MacKay ?)

I'll take a look at that option.

I had the OEM luggage rack on my 900 Classic LT when I had it. My friend had the Cobra luggage rack part # 02-4468 on his 900 Classic with the factory stock backrest. It sits a little lower than the OEM rack. They make one for their backrest and one for the stock backrest.
Thanks! I thought Cobra made one but couldn't find it. So I said frig it...OEM rack and crash bars are on the way.
Guess I'm a little late, but I put this Cobra on an '07 LT, with stock sissy bar: Canada's Motorcycle. It fits '10 also.

Looks like the price has gone up since I got one. Once again the Canuck dollar is against us!

My experience with these guys has been very good, so even if you don't get the rack, keep them in mind for other gear.
Thanks! I agonized over this one as the description was contradictory...for Cobra sissy bar only in one spot, and OEM after that. The instructions didn't help clarify much by mentioning Cobra brackets, so finally decided to play it safe and bite on OEM. Ah well, it's only money...:unamused:

Agree totally - these guys have gotten a lot of cash from me already, along wit's Royal Distributing and Leatherup.ca. Really happy we have such a group of great sources on this side of the border for bike gear. Definitely the exception for most things I've Ben involved in!

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