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Lowers without a windshield?

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Anybody riding lowers without a windshield? Going to be trying this soon, because my primary complaint is my legs get tired from the wind pulling on them at higher speeds. Just installed my MS lowers this weekend. I think it looks pretty good, just wondering what it will feel like out on the road.

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you could look at getting chaps for the crash bars to
+1 on the chaps. Dessert Dawg makes a good one.
I have the MS Big Shot on my custom. Desert Dawgs on my Cobra highway bars does much more than MS lowers did.
1+ on the Hwy bar chaps
But I still have the lowers,and shield. It is a B...H getting old!
+3 on the chaps for the highway bar.
If those are standard Cobra Hightway Bars I have a set of Desert Dawg Rain Guard chaps that will fit them. Traided in the 900 for Voyager and still have chaps for sale if interested.
I have tried the lowers only and don't notice much change. They do work very well when used with a full shield.

Chaps for the engine guard may do much more than lowers alone
Got to try it out today. Really smoothed the air up around the helmet but not more than a 25% difference on the legs. Better than nothing though. Chaps sound interesting but i bet they cut fuel mileage. Didn't get out on the highway much. Maybe its better at higher speeds.
I think you've discovered that lowers are NOT for your legs. I commonly hear people say "Oh, do those keep the wind off of your legs?" and I say "nope". Personally, I didn't notice a difference on my legs when I installed mine. They are, however, a Godsend for cleaning up the air up top, as you've experienced.

The only real option is a lower fairing or lower chaps on crash bars.

You might also just try highway pegs. I'm assuming when you say high speeds you mean interstate highway speeds. Propping your feet up on highway pegs might help them feel a little more comfortable in the wind. Good boots might help too. They'll have good grip to the floorboards and a little extra weight. I can't say I've ever experienced wind fatigue on my legs; that's a new one for me. But everyone is different. I get arm fatigue from fighting the wind on my chest without a windshield; and evidently, if your primary complaint is your legs; then you don't in the same way!

My final thought is that you may want to TRY a windshield. You might THINK it's wind fatigue on your legs. But it could be you sort of subconsciously bracing yourself with your legs and with your arms to counteract the force of the wind on your upper body. If you're cruising along at 75mph, that's enough wind to knock a guy over whose standing up. Even if you aren't doing it on purpose, chances are you are in some way bracing, tensing up, or otherwise 'holding on' against that wind. The kind of stuff that over time, builds fatigue. Riding higher speeds without a windshield may contribute to the fatigue you can feel in your legs. (But windshields aren't everyones cup of tea!)
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