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Lowering Kit

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Hi everyone, I am going to lower my 900 here soon and was just looking to get some reviews from people who have lowered their bike already. Let me know what brand and how it has worked out for you.

Thanks Jeff
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just curious but why do you want the bike lowered? From time to time i see people ask about lowering but i never understood what the desire is. The vulcan , imo, sits fine at its current height and i'm 5'8. The saddleman seat lowers it about an inch which it looks like you already have based on your avatar.
Hey cwby13,

I lowered my 2012 Custom using the Barons kit. Pretty easy. At the same time, I installed the 230 rear tire, so I cannot really tell you about the lower kit alone.

dwhit, the reason I lowered the Custom was 2-fold: First, I wanted to get rid of the excessive tire to rear fender gap that I just found hideous on the Custom, and second, I wanted the chopper look of the big 230 rear tire and the lowered rear end.

For me, it had nothing to do with not being able to touch the ground at the stock ride height, or any other "logical" reason. It was 99% aesthetics.

Oh, I do drag the pegs every now and again of I am not careful on some corners. This occurs more with the bike lowered than if it were at stock ride height.

Also, I did not lower the front forks. I didn't want to, despite some folks insisting that you need to drop both ends if you are doing the job correctly.

My Custom rides and corners perfect for me. No ill effects.
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shadow has the right idea since height is not an issue. Im 5'10. I just dont like the gap between the tire and fender. And i also want the raked look.
A question - how do you get on with your insurance? Over here it is invalidated straight away as soon as you go off stock.
Or don't you ask???
I love the look but I like being able to have full lean angle too much, and I like being insured !
We even have to register winter tyres on cars with our insurance.
I am pretty sure in the U.S. you can do almost anything to your bike and it will not effect your insurance, but my policy is don't ask don't tell.
I put the Barons on my 13 classic, have Cobra longs on it and would drag pipe on 2" drop. Raised back to 1" drop and no problem as of yet.
I too did it for looks.
Doesn't lowering the bike weaken the spring strength? I'm already on 6 with stock setup.
Stay away from Scootworks. There is a nasty thread going around here about a bad experience with a lowering kit purchase.
Darkarcher it only changes the mounting point of the shock.
I lowered mine 3 inches with the Scootworks kit and turned the shock preload up 1 notch. I absolutley did mine for looks, and don`t regret it at all. It looks pretty bad-ass with the tire tucked now and the bike actually feels more stabile with the additional trail. Now, I dragged my slash cut staggereds on right turns a few times, but I remedied that by modifying the exhaust mounting bracket and raising the pipes level to the ground. It`s been like this for 5 yrs now with zero problems or scraping....just saying!
I installed the baron kit a couple of years a go and put it on the two in setting. I also dropped the front down an inch by adjusting the forks do fix the angle. I have springs to lower the from but the nuts under the caps were rusted solid some how. Here are some pics.


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