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I had a chance to ride yesterday (Friday Mar. 12th) But was to busy buying guns for my kid. Who knew that air-soft toy weapons could be so much $$$$. By the time I walked out the front doors. My wallet was $167.00 lighter. I rather ride than buy. Today he goes to a classmates birthday party with 8 of his warrior classmates to play air-soft war games.
1500 little Air-Soft rubber balls is going to go fast. When I was a kid it was Sling Shoots and then you went up to a Daisy BB gun. Now a days you start with Air-Soft and you go to Paint Balls toy weapons.
I was hoping he'd go from skate boards to motocross dirt bikes. All in all, it's still way better than drugs & alcohol. Mean time, it's warming up. So after lunch I'm gonna go gone. Hit the road and let the wind hit my head were the curls use to be. As always I'll post an VN750 riders event for all to enjoy.
Thank you
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