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Looking to upgrade my old Goldwing to a Vulcan

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Hi folks, got an old Goldwing that I don't trust for a cross country trip. I'm liking the more recent (but not new) Vulcan Nomad, Vaquero or Ventura, but heard they are top-heavy. I'm 5' 10", weigh about 220. Any body have any thoughts on how they handle? Also heard that up til the 2014 model they tend to throw heat at the legs- any comments on that? Any other tidbits or recommendations? Thanks !
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I have a Voyager.
With the fairing and topbox it is going to be a little top heavy compared to bikes without. I don't think it's any worse than the GL1800s and I still think it handles like a dream. My only problem is the boards touch a little early in a curve.

The '12 models come with the KAMS (Kawasaki Air Management System); it's a little ugly but does an excellent job getting rid of the heat.

I moved up to a 12 Voyager from an 05 800 classic and figured would take some getting used to. Rode the 30 miles home from the dealer and felt right at home on it. The frame mounted fairing was odd at 1st since it doesnt turn with the forks, that took me about 2 hours riding to get used to, now dont even think about it.
I had a mid 90's Wing 1500. We loved that bike (and do still miss the reverse!). The six was ultra smooth and quiet. But found a new love in the Voyager. Didn't know how I was gonna like the big v-twin. Though the fuel mileage isn't as good as the Wing, I will never go back. The Voyager is quite nimble for a big bike; dives right into a turn with little effort. Read a lot on how the engine loses power at the top of the power band; I haven't experienced it, but I'm not a "high performance" rider either. It will scrape the boards when leaned heavily, so I watch that. Otherwise, it's a great tourer despite what some of the reviewers say. I have owned the Wing and ridden an Electra Glide (which I DID NOT like AT ALL). Next time I MAY look at a Victory or BMW, but I'll be hard pressed to abandon the Voyager.
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