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looking for easy way to change grips

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hi everybody, what is the easiest way to change out your handgrips without destroying the stock grips. thanks in advance
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compressed air....
wd40 spray lubricant w/tube under the grips
Hairspray (Clairol, etc) is even better than WD.
Compressed air works like a charm
Hairspray (Clairol, etc) is even better than WD.
Have always heard hair spray was good for locking them on when installing, never heard of it being used for removing.
If the hairspray can's nozzle has the little hole to fit a WD40-type extension tube it's a snap. If not, spray some on a long thin blade screwdriver and work it around. May have to do it a few times, but I've always had good luck with that. The upside of using this is that when fitting the new grips, just give a small shot to the inside, work it around the length of the grip, then quickly pop it on the bar. As you mentioned, it'll lock the new ones on good. If WD is used, you have to really get it all off the bar or the things won't stick well.
I used WD40.

Take the left hand switches off the bars to give yourself some space to work. Slide a small screwdriver in under the grip to make a space to get some WD40 in there. Keep using the screwdriver and WD40 and you'll slowly get further back under the grip and work your way around the bar. Don't rush. It may take quite a few goes depending how much WD40 you use at a time. Eventually all the glue will fail and the grip will slide off without damage.
I use Windex to remove, Windex or hair spray to replace.
I used the compressed air trick myself. Took longer to setup the compressor and hose then it did to get the grip off.
compressed air....
+1 by all means
If WD is used, you have to really get it all off the bar or the things won't stick well.
wd40 and other spray lubricants with nozzle extender to get under the grip will loosen any previous grip glue.. yes, wipe any excess lubricant from bar b4 applying new grip.
If you spray or have some residue lubricant on the bar or in new grip it will slide into place. it will also give you time to position the new grip to exact rotation point you prefer.
Give your new grip some time and the lubricant will gas out become glue. depending upon which brand and how much you use it can take several days, BUT it WILL gas out and Glue the new grips in place. They will not slide fall off while drying out. They will give you plenty opportunity to adjust rotation to yor particular comfort. poncho
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