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Looking for Drifter Project

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I am an Iraq war vet looking for a Drifter that needs A LOT of help, just something to work on as a hobby to help me with my PTSD.

My riding bike is an 04 Classic, but I am really enamored with the Drifters.

Any suggestions you can provide in helping me find what I'm looking for will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Goose Creek, SC
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They are a little hard to find, and the ones that need some work... Well the bike bone yards are buying them up, the Drifter specific parts bring a premium price. Especially if you have the 99 - 00 blackout package parts.

But they are out their, get the 1500, it's shaft drive and a lot smoother running machine.
Only 6000 of each model were made over a six year period worldwide. Hence why they are getting so hard to find.

Try this site:
First off, thank you for your service, and our freedom. I can't emphasize that enough. I wish you a speedy recovery, though I'm not sure if you ever really get over that.
I don't know if this is more than you wanted, but cycletrader has 3 for your$3500, though one is painted lavender. Not my choice of colors, but to each their own.
You might keep an eye on craigslist. Every once in a while, you see one on there. Unfortunately, most of these aren't fixer-uppers, but used instead.
Now, another option? You can buy aftermarket fenders, and I think the forks are different, but you might could buy another 1500 Classic and "convert" it. I'm not much of the mechanic, so I can't tell you what other differences there are, but the link provided by Drifter 1500 is very useful! Just like here, great folks and very friendly.
Good luck and keep us posted.
Oh, another idea...ebay has stores that part out bikes. You might check there, find the salvage yards, and see if they have a project bike.
I appreciate your oppinons, thought and time...

Drifter, Zig,

I appreciate your thoughts and time...
First off, Thank You for your service!

The Drifter uses the front forks of a F.I. Classic of a similar year, but the rear is unique to the Drifter, and the 800 and the 1500 are different in the rear from each other.

If you can't find your Drifter and you decide to convert a Classic or Nomad, this company will probably be a big help: http://www.badassglass.us/fenders.html
Great information. Thank you!
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