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hey yall, been on the site for a couple of years b4 i even had a 2012 vulcan 900 classic, and always enjoyed
all yall input and helpful and insightful feedback, and help, and after looking at a shadow 750, star 950 i went with the class v9! 0:)

So I am official an owner, I do have some quick questions, and appreciate your help anyway possible yall, thank you!
Or if you have links where I can read an old thread with the info would be great.

1. Where can I find a used/or like new 'blacked out engine guard' for the v9 classic? Dealer wants over 200$,
I checked , EBAY, they have china after market for 99$, any sites or input?

2. while looking at the bike , I spotted a loose black hose under the seat on the exhaust side, with a plastic
bottle/tube over it, I heard its the battery drain? should it be lose like that, the open part of the plastic black
hose smelled a bit like gasoline, but i am not leaking, please advise?

4. Where should you drive with the led engine lights at night, on the free way or backroads?
Dont wont police pulling me over for distraction, but I heard it really helps drivers see you, so its a safety
benefit...... my 2012,
had it installed after market from one of the owners. Right now its not working, b/c the remote has old
batteries but I hope it will fix that. The remote also has 'a, b , c , d' on it, do yall have any idea what that means, and if I even have to have the bike on , to turn them on?

So far these are the questions, but will prolly have more. I hope I am posting this in the right place and
i apologize in advance for any inconvience. I look forward to reading your replys soon! thanks yall:laugh2:

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Welcome to the 900 Club!

First thing you need to do is to fill out your profile. That way we feel like we know you, and the bonus is that you won't look so noob.

I'll try to address your questions as best I can:

1. There are many sites to look for what you want when it comes to after market accessories; Amazon, Partzilla, JP Cycles, bikez, etc. Just to name a few. If you want a black one try posting on the forum to find a used one. Sand it down and paint it black yourself. Easy to do and definitely the cheapest option.

2. Sounds normal/correct. You can relax.

3. Most of the time those lights are for when you're parked somewhere and you just want your bike to look cool. Make sure you know what your State laws are regarding those lights or you'll be spending your Mod money on tickets. The a.b.c.d selections are for different colors or flash patterns I'm sure.

Wouldn't hurt to post up a few pics of your bike. We like that here!



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Thanks so much, I appreciate the welcome, I will update the profile as soon as possible.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have a bunch of generic quick bike ques. like the one above, do i have to post each one
separately or can bunch it?

Also, what does premium membership give you as opposed to free? and how much ?
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