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has anyone ever put a lightbar on a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic? if so was it a difficult hookup and what kind of bar did you use
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I put the Cobra bar on and it was pretty easy. Took about 45 min.


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Something I wanted to do too but was scared of the wiring.
You can wire it two ways. The Cobra comes with a switch you can run to the battery. What i did was wired it in to the harness behind the headlight. This way it comes on and turns off with the bike. I used the switch on the bar for my LED's.
I installed the OEM light bar on my 900 Classic LT and the instructions were easy to follow.
The hardest part was getting the aim on them correct, which is also included in the instructions.
Easy Peasy! Don't sweat it. I would stick with the oem light bar tho, JMO. they have the same fit and finish as the headlight and match perfectly. They also come with easy instruction to guide you through it. Get yourself a service manual if you don't have one already. Full set of wiring diagrams in there for the lighting circuits, just in case. Mine come on with low beams only at this time. Sometime in the future I would like to add a relay to have them stay on anytime the ignition is on.
I was just thinking about asking this same question. The wiring would be my biggest hang up also. I have looked at both the Cobra and Kawasaki light bars. The Kaw is a bit higher priced then the Cobra. The Kaw also mounts the turn signals under the lights while the Cobra mounts the turn signals to the side of the light. I guess it all depends on which look I like better.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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