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I received my light kit from Chucksters Customs about a week ago. He would have had it to me almost 3 weeks ago but I was going on vacation and asked him to hold the kit until I returned.

I finally had time today to install it. It looks great. It is a very heavy duty kit. The light mounts connect to the bike where the lowers connect to the windshield.

Instructions are clear and easy to follow. (Although it took me forever to find the blue/yellow wire to tie into.) But that had more to do with my aging eye sight than anything else.

Joe helped me along the way and was a pleasure to work with.

The kit raises the windshield just a little but at my height I wasn't looking over the top of it most of the time anyway.

If you are looking for a light kit option for your 1700 that looks great and cost about half of the Kawi bar give it a try.

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