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Hey everyone.

I want to add a Fire and Steel Cafe windshield to my '07 Custom. I also want to add a light bar. My question is; what light bar can I mount with that windshield?

I'm looking at the Fire and Steel light bar, the Cobra light bar, and also the Custom World Industries light bar.

I kinda figure that the Fire and Steel light bar will fit, since they're both Fire and Steel. However I'm having trouble finding pictures of that bar that make me want to purchase it. I like the look of the Cobra and the CWI better, but I don't know if they'll fit with the F&S windshield.

I'd be fine with spending the extra few bucks for the F&S, if I saw a picture that made me want to put it on. Does anyone have it on their bike and really like it?

Does anyone have any experience with putting light bars together with the F&S Cafe windshield? If the other light bars work just as well, I'd be good with whatever.

Thanks for the input!

Semper Paratus.
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