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LED Tail lights on Meanie

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I am trying to wire dual function LED tails lights on my meanie. I fabricated a bracket to hold my license plate and new turn signals thus dumping all that stuff hanging off the rear fender. Any hoo, they are not working correctly. I have a 5 pin connector feeding the brake light, turn signals, and plate light. stock is a very simple set up. The 5 pins are switched power, ground, brake, right turn, and left turn. The Brake light is fed by power, ground, and brake wires. The Plate light is fed by power and ground. Signals are fed by right/left turn wire respectively, and ground. New lights are four wire. Power, brake, turn signal, and ground. Power, brake and ground come from tail light feed, and turn signal come from signal feed. I hooked them up accordingly and wired a resistor in parallel across turn signal wire and ground. I plugged the 2 pin relay that is needed to make dual function. The lights come on and blinkers work. They flash fast indicating resistor is not hooked correctly and not sure of any other way it should go. Any suggestions? And here's the second problem. I hit the brake lever and there are no brake lights. They the lights dim and it blows the fuse every time. I checked for a bad ground thinking I had a power to ground and found nothing. Anyone have any suggestions?
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