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Leathers: What To Buy

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I'm presently looking for recommendations for leather pants (winter and summer if possible). A zip out lining seems desirable. Right now I'm wearing lined 14oz denim jeans with waffle underwear underneath. There must be a better way. Comments Please! :)
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It all depends on what you want and are willing to pay. I wear motoport armored riding pants made from stretch Kevlar. They give maximum protection and allow your legs to breath. Good for 20-100 degrees. Cost is the catching point on these but they are far cheaper than hospital bills.
Hi Strublet

Those certainly are impressive protection. Could you please share what riding jacket you wear? I am a firm believer of ATGATT riding. My biggest concern is the summer heat especially in Florida where I lived year round for five years. I still try to winter there as much as possible. Heat and having adequate protection can be problematic for me.

Is leather important to you? I'm of the opinion that modern textiles are the way to go. Much lighter and more versatile. I have textile gear that can be light and breathable and offer some protection while keeping the bugs and grit off (great for commuting and not showing up looking like you commuted on a bike); or with liners can be waterproof and warm and work well!

My recipe is a textile jacket, and a second thin rain/wind jacket. It's a liner, but it has it's own zipper and can be worn as it's own jacket. That's beneficial because it's easier than inserting/removing the liner to just put the liner on, zip it up, then put the jacket on. Then I have overpants that go, as the name suggests, over my pants. Good boots, and gloves for the occasion (heavy lined leather ones for cold and rainy weather, to light mesh ones for the summer. Gel palms are really nice for comfort). Personally I wear a full face helmet and a good scarf under that makes a world of difference in the winter.
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We don't wear leather in the summer down here.
Motoport uses two main materials for their gear. Stretch Kevlar and mesh Kevlar. The mesh Kevlar provides plenty of air flow while maintaining the abrasion protection. Full armor in both types of jackets, much more than you get on other types. You should go to motoport web site to check out the studies done and how they are made. Not cheap gear..... You have to consider what your body is worth.
If you are still interested in leathers check out foxcreekleather.com ... American made with a lifetime guarantee. Also a very helpful staff with getting them sized properly.
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