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I have a newly rebuilt carb with 52 pilot jet, 170 main jet (both OEM) and OEM needle. The intake is scooterized with the front quarter section of the cover still intact. EPA junk deleted and crankcase ventilation rerouted. Running a K&N.

I've experimented a lot with my idle screw setting all the way to about 3.5 turns out, which is far considering the jet sizes, the settings most people run and the way she starts (fires right up with no choke) and runs under acceleration. She smells rich and performance seems to decline if I back it out any further.

I'm therefore pretty sure I'm almost running rich, even at sea level but at idle, upon short blips with the throttle, I still get a "lean" pop through the carburetor fairly regularly.

For those of you with the scooterized intakes: does anyone else have this issue and can comment?
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