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well we perty much wore out that last lil giddyup and probly shuld put 'nother on the map.. Seein as we leff behind mos local kawboys an a few from Not Around Here, yes that is a place.. I was ta thinkin that we shuld do somethin a bit more Local, as in Texas or at least near to by?

there be a 3 day weekend approachin mitey fas on the calendar, Sept 5-6-7. it mite be good for one them lil teeny giddyups where everbody shows up at some hotel an starts tossing back kold frosty :beer:s in the parking lot, telling wild tales of how'd they fought injuns and poleez jus gettin to the joint.. then we all go gitt some dinner and call it quits for the nite.
Not just the very next mornin, we all mount up and get some bkfst and the story tellin starts all over agin.. "hey! you been sleepin since yor las lies", hows you gott mor since?".
then we all mount up and go for a ride thru some scenic backroads and finally get to the place where we stop and gitt lunch.. and then the stories start all over agin!.. sheesh!
after lunch, its kinda the same only we go a diffren backroad so the snipers cant backtrack us.. gitt to hotel. break out the :beer:s, more stories, more lies.. mebbe klean up a bit and then we're off for dinner. yup, you guessed it.. these here fellas can spin a story outa the littlest piece of truth, theyd make great.. frends?
So it usually goes like this for a day or two, back to the hotel, more :beer:, more stories, call it quits for the nite.. las one up piks up the emptys..
this could go on for daze, but after 2, mos either run outa :beer: or stories and realize they gotta gitt back to work.. so after bkfst an a few hardy handshakes, mos fellas vamonos the helk outa there. Thas perty much how one these things shakes out..

Now wen they gitt home and look at some the digi pix they accumulated and see that somebody used their kam'ra to take pix they shuldnt,, well then all the story tellin and coloring start all over agin.. only this time its on the innernet where all anybody can see watt they missed out on an make life commitments not to miss the nex one cuz they can do a whole lott better job of lyeing and story tellin..

so all that's lef todo is say yes.. an the journey begins. poncho
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