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Just wanted to share a really good experience with a MC transport company if anyone is ever in need. My family went with me to Daytona last week so I couldn't ride my vaquero down. I hired John Stowe (Owner of Joncyn transport) to transport my bike and my son's ninja there and back. $600 per bike round trip.

Service could not have been better. John insisted I watch as he picked up and loaded our bikes. He was very careful when securing them. He hauls them in a 35 ft. trailer set up specifically for bikes. He gave me a key to the trailer so I could pick up the bikes whenever it was convienent for me. When returning the bikes to my home he not only unloaded the bikes but put them back in my garage. He insisted I walk around the bikes and make sure they were in perfect condition.

His company motto is they treat your bike like their own and I believe it.

Just wanted to pass this on.
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