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Kisan signal minder 10APF fuse replacement

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Does anyone have any experience with this self cancelling turn signal add on? Good or bad input appreciated. http://kisantech.com/mag/index.php/signalminder/10apf.html

According to Kisan this will fit the Vulcan 900 . But this replaces the turn signal fuse and I am concerned that it may be too tall to allow the fuse case cover to fit back on after installing it. Has anyone installed it and does the fuse case cover still fit?

Looks like a neat simple add on.

I loom forward to your feedback. Thanks
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Vulcan 900 custom

No way the Kisan 10APF will replace the ATO mini fuse I the fuse block. The Kisan looks to be the much larger standard ATO fuse form factor but taller. This could be used but would need to cut a wire and install it in series on the signal line. I was hoping I could just swap out the fuse with this but that is NOT the case.

I will consider the Kisan SM3 for the future.
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