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Fl to Wa
First let me say the trip was fantastic and both bikes were mechanically flawless. The only problems were due to a circuit overload caused by adding some auxillary brakes lights to the 500 that the fuse could not handle, and a broken saddlebag bolt on aftermarket saddlebags on the 1700. I was able to fix both problems without much delay. Other than that, the bikes are perfect for this trip.
We rode 6639 miles in 19.5 days across 24 states. We encountered strong winds, extreme heat, cold mornings in the mountains and torrential downpours. The motorcycles handled all of it without a problem.
We decided to try something new on this trip. We wanted to pack light so laundry was easy. We bought Under Armor shirts (2 ea), FoxRiver socks (2 ea) and ExOfficio underwear (2 ea). Chosen because they dry quickly and are comfortable. Each night, we simply washed the garments in the sink and hung them to dry. We alternated each day so we had something to wear while those dried. It worked perfectly and I can't believe how comfortable they are. Highly recommend these garments to anyone doing long distance. Other than that, we had 3 pair of jeans each.
The luggage I chose was a Nelson Rigg with a top bag attachment. It attaches to the sissy bar and was very secure. I never had a worry with this luggage. All my cleaning supplies (rags, chain lube, plexis) were kept in the top bag.
That about covers it, but I wanted to give a short ride report to anyone interested. We have now hit all the intercontinental states and are hoping to ride Alaska and Hawaii someday soon. As they say, "God willing, the creek don't rise"
2010 Vulcan Classic - 6 months old now has 14486 miles
2009 Vulcan 500 - bought in 2011 new and now has 23894 miles


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