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Can any of you who has a OEM Kawasaki gel seat please share your opinion. Thanks:)
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yes please let us know what you think??? i am looking at getting one but am nervous to see if it works good and is worth it
I purchased one a few weeks ago. Going to instal it after i get my tank and fenders back from painting. Just by looking at it next to the stock seat and sitting on it on the couch, it is stiffer and has more back support. I won't be riding anytime soon as I am in Nova Scotia and it was -25 celcius this morning. This probably doesn't help much but as many on here have said, ANYTHING is better than the stock seat.
I got the oem gel seat for the 900 when I had it.

I thought it was only marginally better than stock for the rider but my wife thought the pillion was VERY much better.

The one problem I had will prevent me from having another gel seat. It absorbed and RETAINED heat when sitting in the sun.
Every other seat I've had is hot when I first sit down and cools off in very little time.
The Kawa gel seat would fry my eggs for half an hour.

I ended up pinning a white t-shirt to it.

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I've heard that one before. Roasted nuts.
Has anyone tried this guy ?

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