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At KAWASAKI.COM for years, you could download a free PDF copy of your owners manual. As of about August 2019 Kawasaki will no longer allow you to download a copy, at all, of the Owners Manual. Now, you can just "View" the owners manual, on screen, on the kawasaki.com website, using their clunky viewer.

I find it very useful to be able to DOWNLOAD, and keep, a digital copy of the Owners Manual. I also use the capability to download the Owners Manuals from Kawasaki and other manufacturers to compare products I desire to buy. As of 12-03-19, Kawasaki is the ONLY manufacturer that has stopped allowing the DOWNLOAD of their Owners Manuals. Other manufacturers still allow the free download of their Owners Manuals in PDF format.

You can download and keep a PDF copy of HONDA Owners Manual from

You can download and keep a PDF copy of Suzuki Owners Manual from
(image enclosed as their website is kinda clunky and you can miss this option if you are not looking for it)

You can download and keep a PDF copy of Yamaha Owners Manuals from

Heck, I can even download a copy of the Owners Manual for my $35.00 Kitchen Toaster from the manufacturer.

Anyways, if you would like Kawasaki to again make available the option to DOWNLOAD and KEEP a free PDF copy of an Owners Manual from their website (kawasaki.com), PLEASE MAKE YOUR WISHES KNOWN by calling Kawasaki Customer Service @ 1-866-802-9381 or by dropping a letter to them at:
Kawasaki Motors Corp, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 25252
Santa Ana, CA. 92799-5252

If outside the U.S.A. Kawasaki has also eliminated the download option of the owners manual. Please contact the Kawasaki Customer Service for your country.

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