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Imagine an oil filter that fits most bikes on the road today. A filter so technically advanced it's based on technology that has been used in NASCAR, Formula One and the aerospace industry. And what if it was the last filter you needed to buy for your motorcycle due to it reusable filter element, lessening the burden on our landfills?

This oil filter is here today, and it combines magnetic pre-filtering, a progressive rate bypass and high-flow characteristics to help avoid unfiltered oil bypassing the filter during cold startup. Add to that beautiful form and function melding that results in a design which not only helps lower oil temperatures but also looks beautiful doing so. That oil filter is here today thanks to the bright minds at K&P Engineering.

Most riders are under the assumption when it comes to changing their bikes oil filter, choices are limited to OEM and aftermarket manufacturers of paper filters when that is simply not the case. K&P Engineering has been manufacturing reusable micronic stainless steel oil filters for the past 13 years. Starting off with a couple of different applications for dirt bikes and ATVs, the company now makes models to fit a wide range of applications including all major street bikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Over the years their filters have been proven in thousands of vehicle applications, on the street, in the dirt, and on numerous racetracks.

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