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Just bought a Vulcan, what model is it?

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Hi guys (and gals), new to the forum. I sold my shadow 750 in the fall and just yesterday bought a 98 Vulcan Classic 1500, between snow storms of course :cool:. VERY excited, although I will have to wait a while until it warms up enough to ride it.

I was curious if anyone could help me identify what exact model I now own. I've tried entering my VIN# on the kawasaki site and the only info I get back is that it's a vulcan classic 1500. I'm looking for the letter ('N', 'C', 'E', etc.) so I can order a Clymer manual. If it helps any, it's a 5 speed (I believe they also made a 4 speed that year). I've emailed Kawasaki directly, no response yet. Also, the previous owner did not have the owner's manual, otherwise I would have checked there first!
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Welcome in! Ask your question in the 1500 forum where other owners can help you out. Not all read the new intro section.
Ok, thanks! I probably should have put my 'introduction' and question in separate threads I guess.
New thread posted. I guess this is now just my new member introduction. Hi everyone! :cool: Hoping I'll be able to learn and contribute to the forums.
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