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January V2K ride to Sturgis..ok, so it's only a twenty mile trip.

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Finally! I'm back. I've been locked out of the forums for the past month or two because of sign-in problems, forgotten passwords, and various other internet gremlins, but it seems to be resolved now.

Anyway, due to a long-overdue break in our winter weather, last week, I was able to dig out the V2K, fire it up, and ride it up to Sturgis BMW/Yamaha/Suzuki and annoy them with the presence of my Vulcan polluting their parking lot for the first time this year.

Dick, the shops owner, said that I was "da man" for riding a bike to his shop, the first he'd seen come in for three weeks.

Anyway, here's photographic evidence of the mid-january visit. A good time was had by all.

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Good to have you back on the forums....
jb, i see you lerned well from the master.. no pix, it didnt happen. good to hear your back in the saddle. its been kold n wett all winter here in tejas. I rode 2x in 2months, short hops. am so reddy for this winter to be over.. we could use some that global warming crap theyr sellin in dc.. fuggers cant deliver on none their promises, sumbiches.

so, s'turdgis. you get to enjoy the scenery b4 the herd of bison schitt(money) all over that place come august? been thru there, deadwood, some the black hills, would enjoy a no crowd tour of the backcountry. history to soak up.
My dad bought a Suzuki C50 from Sturgis Motorsports last week. Top notch people there.
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