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It's dead.....

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Some of y'all read my thread on my 800 cutting off. Took it in this morning and just found out I broke a valve on the front cylinder. Now it's either find a replacement engine or sell her for parts.....
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Sorry man, that sucks bad.
Yes it does. It's my main mode of transportation. Well, was...
Time for a replacement engine. Should be cheaper than a replacing the bike. Sorry to hear about the bad luck.
Just curious, why is it not feasible to just fix the engine? New valves, piston, etc? Was there major damage to the rest of the engine, or something?
The cylinder head takes a beating when this happens.
Cylinder head alone is $600 new, add to that the other parts involved, and would be cheaper to find a good used motor.
Ouch! I'm used to working on smaller engines. Thanks, good to know. Would a valve break if valve clearances were off, say from not doing the regular check on them? I just did my valve clearances and 7 out of 8 were off. 2 intakes were tight whereas I couldn't get a feeler underneath. And some exhausts were way loose.
Was there a little racket before the engine shut down?
Sorry to hear it man. Looked like something was overheating from your other post.
Good news is there are lots of shops parting out 800s on eBay. Might find a good deal on a motor or a wrecked bike.
Sorry for not posting back sooner. Basically, my dealer said that he had never heard of a vulcan 800 coming apart like that. He said that they used to beat the crap out 800s on the race course with no failures. Guess I am just lucky.... Right now they are checking to see just what the extent of the damage is. Once we know we will start making decisions on repair, replace engine, or they find me a bike for what the repair will cost. Either way I am looking at spending a pile of money or walking away.

Bike had 23,300 on it when I got it in June. I had just hit my 10,000 mile when it happened. I was riding almost every day to work 110 miles round trip.
Basically, my dealer said that he had never heard of a vulcan 800 coming apart like that. .
Not real common, but not unheard of either.

Be careful if it is repaired. If not done correctly, it will give you grief. No shortcuts should be taken.
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