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I’m new to Vulcans.

I’ve been riding for over 20 years, but it’s been almost exclusively dirt style riding, and bikes. Occasionally, I’d get on a friend’s Honda Shadow to ride, but usually I was on a DR650, PE250 2-stroke, or something similar.

I finally broke down and got a cruiser so that I could have passengers on the back, since the fam keeps asking to go on rides with me, and the DR isn’t exactly passenger friendly.

Picked up an 02 Vulcan 1500 FI used for what I thought was a decent price. Had the hyper charger, Cobra headers, bags, a backrest and windshield, crash bars, and all with less than 20k on the odo. Thought I got a great deal. Ran a little rough, but I thought it was simply because it’d been sitting for a minute.


If I don’t warm her up just right, and even sometimes if I do, she starts bucking and hesitating. Backfiring and popping, even put the hyper charger. I get her on the highway, and she behaves... better, for the most part. But cruising around town? I have to rev the bejeebers out of it to start out, unless for some reason she wants to play nice.

Had some people look at it: Cobra headers, stock muffler. And there are what look like wires for a fuel commander... but no fuel commander. And I’ve been reading on here, and other forums, that you’re ok to do one without the other two, but if you do two, you HAVE to do the third.

My question for the hive mind is this:

Is it the fuel commander module I need? Do I need to just chase down an o2 sensor and replace it? I’m not finding much in the way of fuel commander modules for this bike. Unless I’m just looking in the wrong place.

Any pearls of wisdom appreciated!!

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Definitely sounds like it isn't getting enough fuel at idle. I have a carb so I can't comment on processors, but I do know that when I rejetted I had a stumble at idle like crazy, especially when cold, until I bumped up the pilot jet and then increased the fuel mix a little more.

I hope you get it sorted. These are really great and dependable bikes. Mine is a 2004 and it's been a horse for 46,000 miles. I can't complain at all, and it's like a La-Z- Boy on wheels on trips.
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