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Hi guys.
I am a proud owner of a '04 VN2000 in a country with seriously rediculous laws regarding modifications to bikes, especially on bikel made from january 2004. Yes, Denmark.

My situation:
I can't make "constructive" alterations unless the part that I put on has an EU-certification marked as an "e" on the part. That really limits the possibilities to build one's dream bike. No aftermarket lights, turn signals, mirrors, lower suspension, especially rims are rare, witout this e-mark on the parts. And side mounted licenceplates and high handle bars are simply straight illegal. Those are roughly the general rules here.
So, a man in need tends to start getting creative, and so have I.

What I'm thinking:
Parts from other Vulcans in the family have to have this e-mark also, if produced after 2004, for the European market, anyway. I noticed the rear fender on a VN900 is much smaller than the one on my VN2k, as I would like mine to be, and the tail light on the VN1700 with the licence plate holder and turn signals also look better than mine IMO. Ine VN2k licence plate is just butt ungly on the European VN2ks..
And the list goes on..

Do any of You have experience with swapping parts in custonization fashon from one model to another without too much fitting?

I want mine to look a little meaner, IYNWIM, without pissing off the cops or the inspoection guy, given that they aren't that into Vulcans so they can tell the trick i'm pulling... :D They gennerally just look for an e-mark, and then they're happy.

Any suggestions or ideas on swapping parts are of course welcome!

Thanx in advance! Hope to get usefull here too some time. :)

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You a bit out of luck on that one.

Your limited to extremely generic stuff...mirrors, grips, etc. Some of the handle bars from other bikes can be used.

But for the body? No, Can't use any fender from another bike. Front or back. The fenders on the V2K are much bigger, especially that rear one. Same for the tank.

yes, that stock rear end is... not the best. If you can afford it, have it cut out and the license plate "french braided" into the fender.

Here is a pic of BigSarg's V2K.

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