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indiana Riders Sound off

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Hey everyone just looking to see if anyone from indiana is on this site. I am from north central indiana Here. currently living in Warsaw but looking to move to Fort Wayne soon. Who else is from around here
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Sweetser Indiana. 4 miles West of marion. 45 miles south of the Fort.
Hey there Northern Indiana folks! I actually live in Warsaw myself, and am in a local VRA Chapter, Northern Indiana. Come check us out on our Facebook Page. If not on FB, contact us via email at [email protected]


We have a lot of "followers" on the page, as well as several active members...and always looking for more. This will be my 3rd summer with the chapter, and we enjoy meeting to eat and ride.
Oh, and there is also a Central Indiana Chapter that started last summer for those of you south of me.

2 years late to the thread (but only my second day with my Vulcan) ...

I live in North Manchester (google.com/maps/search/41,-85.8) - 45 minutes west of Fort Wayne, 30 minutes south of Warsaw.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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