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I'm now a proud owner of a not-yet running 2007 Vulcan 500!

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Hi there, I am not good at navigating this forum, but I hope I can get great use out of this forum and be able to add to this forum with helpful information! I can't wait to get my carburetor back on the bike, with the newly charged battery, and get this road worthy! I already changed the 3 year old oil on this 3,000 mile mini-beast. new spark plugs are in, need a new air filter soon (K&N), and did all of the legal stuff minus the inspection, which is required here in Texas... I did not know that!

Purchased a $60 trunk online, and $50 full-face Hawk Helmet online too! Hurry up and get here.

This is my first Cruiser, I've never ridden one before, I used to own a 2007 Ninja 500 back in 2010 after returning back from Iraq, and the 8 months I owned it were bliss. With my back injury (which is what made me sell it) I am hoping this cruiser design will accommodate my disability. Any tips on the transition would be greatly appreciated! I'm very excited about this new chapter of FUN in my life! :)

God Bless,
helderman86 Out
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welcome,my bud has a 500 Vulcan,cant believe how fast and smooth it is,outran my shadow 750 so I sold it,have 900 classic,upgrading to a nomad1700 even though I love the 900
Thanks guys! I've had quite a bit of experience ridding my 2007 Ninja 500 over state lines and all over east Texas before my back injury in 2010. Last night I had my bike back together and was very anxious, made a stupid choice to ride it in cold wet weather before the ice came in. Lost control across three lanes, recovered and came back home shaken up. On that short ride my bike would die at idle without choke on, would only run on partial choke for this 2 mile ride. Smelled gas and notice petcock was leaking from the bottom of it with air bubbles. I don't know what that means. I'd live any advice you could give me or point me to for tuning up the carburetor for the Idling issue, and how to fix the leaking petcock. My tank was dented badly on side of petcock when I bought it. If that matters for anything. Uploaded the pics of it. At least now it runs!!! :)


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