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Ignition issue

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i installed the Harley style key relocation ket and everything worked before in actually installed everything in the dash and now I have no power leaving my fuse box and get nothing at the switch. I used a jumper wire From my battery straight to the Key switch and it works. All fuses are good. Any help
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Mike, I have done several of these conversions. Before I can be of any help, I need a little more information, Year & model of bike, injected or carb, complete kit or did you
fabricate it? Also helpful would be which wire you are connecting the jumper from the battery to.
It's a 2004 1500 carb and its complete kit
Did this kit plug into your harness when you removed your existing switch? Are you jumping from the battery positive to the white wire on the switch?
I had to cut and connect and I'm jumping to the yellow wire on the harness side. Red and blue connected together and white went to white and yellow went to grey and brown to brown
The original harness should have a Red, White, Red w/blue, Brown, and gray wires.
Your new switch should have 3 terminals. ACC Battery Ignition. Your connections should be Red to Acc White to battery & Blue, Brown & yellow tied together and connected to Ignition. The Yellow from the existing harness should have a 100 ohm resistor. This resistor is very close to the switch and if the wires were cut below it then the resistor may still be in your wires on the old switch.
I've got a red, blue, white, grey, brown on original hardness ( I cut my old switch off the harness with about two inch of wire on old switch) the only thing I see on the main wire harness from fuse box is a little black small relay looking plug has two wires on it. I took it out and stuck a jumper on one section on plug and the starter kicked on
Are your connections to the new switch as I stated above?
On the harness that came with the switch the yellow and brown go together and white is to white
After I connected everything the first time it all worked until I tryed to put all back together with tank and dash on
Do the instructions that came with the new switch indicate there is a resistor installed for the gray wire?
Do any lights or accessories work, if not there is a main 30 amp fuse located on the starter relay. check this fuse.
There is also a 10 amp ignition fuse located in the junction box. If you have a volt meter check for voltage on the white wire at the ignition switch.
On the new switch harness the resister is on the yellow wire. Where is the starter relay located
The starter relay is located under the right side frame cover. There is a connector plug that will have to be removed before the fuse can be tested.
Is that the chrome cover or the black one under seat were coolant tank is
Found it and it was blown replaced and good to goo your a life saver brother I can't thank you enough
Good for you Mike, glad this worked out well. Ride Safe
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