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IDLE Adjustment ?

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I'd like to make adjustments to the idle speed on my Vulcan 900 but haven't found any video's on how to do it. Any recommendations?
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This is a "reasonable" description of setting the idle speed. Try and ignore the banter in the thread and stay with the facts.

If the idle is set too low, you risk starving the cams of oil - not enough oil pressure...you really should have a tach to set the idle speed - and the bike needs to be WARMED UP to set the idle.

Give it a read:

Yeah use the little knob on RH side. Should be around 1000rpm when warm/hot. Ignore trying to get the HD potato in a tin bucket sound. It's not good for the bike & it won't sound right anyway.
Thanks Shadow01 and Fawlty99
Without a tach let your engine warm up completely. Then set your idle so you have 13.2-13.4 volts charging at the battery.
my 2006 900 classic had a stalling issue,as stated above there is a little knob by the air filter,adjusted mine up a little,no issues since.
LOTS of people like the rumbling sound of setting the idle low but, as has been mentioned, it's not good for the bike. If you don't have a tach, the best way I can describe it is quick enough that you can't easily count the rev's anymore. It's not a long-stroke big-twin. 950~1050 RPM's (the ideal rev range at idle) is relatively brisk sounding.
When I bought mine the FI-light on the dash (Fault Indicator not to be confused with Fuel Injection), was on at idle. Would turn off as soon a throttle was turned. Bumped up the idle speed and it went away. As everyone has said, this is due to low oil psi from P.O. wanting that low rumble sound I am sure. Not good for the motor obviously.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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