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Well, I just ordered some parts for the bike
The Scootworks front and rear lowering kit
older version cast rims, front and rear
the HID kit from daytona motor sports
and got a used seat for $100 to send to mean city cycles and have them do it

I've put a couple threads up about paint and other questions and I could never really construe what I wanted the bike to look like, well this is the look I'm going for.

I'm also going to do a 17/42 tooth sprocket combo on the bike to help it out.

and it will be all black like this one. Engine and exhaust will VHT paint and the rest of the bike will have satin black chip guard by SEM.

I want to order the Kuryakyn longhorn offset dually highway pegs but I'm not sure what size tubing the frame is made of to get the right size. Anyone know?

As for the rear fender, I want this style but I'm unsure of how to get it. Anyone know how?

Let me know what you guys think!



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